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As we promise we can help our customers in all the challenges and possibilities that involve fieldbus-technologies such as CAN, CANopen, J1939, ISOBUS, NMEA2000, LIN and as well with Mobile control electronics and systems.

Our mission is to make applicable technology to serve our customers businesses cost efficiently and solid throughout the whole life cycle of the target system.

We offer services for automation systems, ranging from education, design and implementation to maintenance tasks, such as System development, CAN traffic analysing, CANopen device testing and debugging, protocol analysing etc.

We are strongly committed to CANopen and we are a member of CAN in Automation, having also an own CANopen vendor-ID for our CAN-switch and CANopen valvedriver products.

TKE Products and Services


CANopen Basics Training 27.3 in Tampere

CANopen basics session gives an introduction to the basic concepts of CANopen. Detailed description of e.g object dictionary and protocols are not within the scope of basics. Training held in Finnish by Dr. Heikki Saha.


TKE launches Kvaser CAN-interface driver for Android

TKE has made possible to use Android tablets and smartphones to connect CAN-bus via Kvaser-interfaces.


TKE education calendar

TKE is arranging CAN-based Education in Finland


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